2015 seems set to be an interesting time for interior design. Modern home styles are a mixture of vintage and modern influences, luxury and minimalism, elegance and organic irregularity. There’s a push back against our high-tech, fast paced culture and a lean towards reflection, physical comfort and restful colours. Here are the home trends that we predict for the coming year.

Sectional Sofas

Like a lot of things, family settees were big in the eighties, but they’re just as big now. We’re putting the “lounge” back into lounges with big, comfortable sofas with lots of padding that you can spread out on and sink into. There’s no need for formal, straight backed sitting here, take off your shoes and make yourself at home!

Old Table, New Seats

In the kitchen people are pairing off rustic wooden or stone tables with contemporary metal or plastic chairs. This way, people get the best of both worlds: tables with restful earthy colours and organic patterns to look at and comfortable, sturdy chairs to sit in.

Decor Libraries

Everyone knows books are cool. They’re also a lot sexier compared to the cold and ephemeral kindle device. But when you can store an entire library on a tablet, a real home library full of books from your childhood and formative years is a definite fashion statement.

Statement Light Fixtures

Lights can make a statement, and not just ‘I make enough money to afford electricity!’ With an artistic fixture, lights can double as sculptures when off and when turned on can paint the walls with beautiful designs of shadow and light. These lights will look good in any room of the house, but will make the greatest impact in the living room or the bedroom.

Bathroom Flora

Nature is calling. But it isn’t the crashing waves of the ocean on the sand that you can hear, but the rustling of a luscious rainforest. This year, bathroom accessories will be generally plant based, from towel rack trees to bamboo bordered mirrors. All this foliage speaks of a desire to return to naturalness and simplicity.

Monochrome Pastel Bedrooms

Nothing says relaxation like deep, neutral pastel colours, especially chocolate or deep purple. In our work driven world sleep can become underrated, but as with the ‘slow food movement’, our culture is returning to the idea that a slower, more relaxing pace has its benefits. So hit that snooze button and embrace the pastel.